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Alithia & Sophia Publishing House is a commercial publisher of fully Open Access scientific journals.

Our mission is to accelerate the dissemination of knowledge through the publication of high-quality research articles using the open-access model

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Greetings on behalf of Alithia & Sophia Publishing House

Alithia & Sophia Publishing House was formed with the sole purpose of disseminating high-quality research articles. We follow an open-access model while maintaining high-quality products at a relatively accessible low charge. Financial constraints should not be a hindrance when one needs to communicate their research findings. As a group of researchers, we are well aware of the need to maintain academic integrity. Academic advancement requires accessible content and a free-flowing exchange of knowledge.

We hope you help us in creating a successful and vibrant platform for the advancement of human knowledge. As we take small steps in building this platform, we welcome you to be a part of our journey to ‘Infinity and beyond’.


Alithia & Sophia Publishing House

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Publish your research. Enhance your career.