Progress in Pure and Applied Mathematics

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About the journal

Progress in Pure and Applied Mathematics publishes papers that discuss high-level advances in mathematics, including both theoretical and numerical results, as well as their practical applications. Papers describing unique theoretical or numerical insights, review papers in which experts describe their own and others’ work in a pedagogical approach, and papers on applications in industry, finance, allied sciences, and engineering are among the topics covered. The quality of the underlying mathematical results and how they are presented distinguishes papers that are selected for publication.

The journal covers a wide range of mathematical topics, methodologies, and results while also emphasizing the underlying applications and presentation. The journal is intended for all readers who are interested in mathematics.

  • Provides original and review papers on a variety of topics.
  • Presents findings in theoretical mathematics.
  • Presents both analytical and numerical findings, as well as their implementations.
  • Reports on the application in STEM fields.

Aims & Scopes

Progress in Pure and Applied Mathematics is an international, open-access journal that aims to publish original research papers and survey articles in all areas of mathematics, as well as to promote the interests, talents, and accomplishments of all individuals in theoretical and applied mathematics. This is a multidisciplinary publication that focuses on mathematics and its allied interdisciplinary research, bringing original research together and creating a forum for active mathematicians and researchers. Papers must make significant, novel, and reliable advances to one or more of the topics listed in the Mathematical Subjects Classification (M.S.C.) to be accepted for publication in the journal. Submitted articles in applied mathematics must be clearly driven by an existing or prospective application to real-world phenomena.

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Dr. Lalrinpuia Tlau

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