Terms & Conditions

1. Legal Agreement

  • The following terms and conditions (these “Terms”) apply to the websites accessible at https://alithiasophia.com. Any reference to the websites in these Terms may be construed as a reference to all or any part of the websites.
  • These Terms should be considered in connection with the Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy, as well as any relevant guidelines that we have indicated will pertain to usage of a section of one or more of the websites, all of which will apply in addition to these Terms as if set out in full here.
  • You hereby accept these Terms (including any other terms) without modification, by accessing and using the sites (or any portion thereof). You should not access or use the websites if you do not agree to be bound by the Terms.
  • The Terms may be changed from time to time at its absolute discretion, and we advise you to review this page for any changes occasionally. When you continue to use the website once the changes are posted, you will be considered to have accepted the changes.

2. Use of the Website

  • Wherever information related to the website is sought, you undertake to submit genuine, accurate, up-to-date, and comprehensive details. You are not required to furnish any requested optional information.
  • You agree not to:
    • impersonate another individual using a false name or name you are not authorized to use, create or mislead us or others about the identity or origin of any communications or providing incorrect or untruthful contact details or otherwise mislead us and others;
    • modify, access, or make available information that you have accessed via the network on a computer or a device when: a data owner, a computer, or a device has taken action to prohibit you from doing so;
    • distribute or upload files containing software or other material, data, or information that you do not own or license, or collect information about people (e.g. names/addresses) without their consent;
    • tamper with, interfere with, or obstruct access to the websites, or do anything else that would hinder its integrity;
    • utilize the website for any business reasons, nor send an unsolicited (commercial or otherwise) email, “spam,” or other marketing or publicity material;
    • take part in publication, posting, distribution, distribution, or transmission of any other derogatory, abusive, pirated, vulgar or illegal material or information, discriminating or other objectionable content;
    • fabricate the genuine owner of the software, other materials, or information contained in a file made accessible through the website; or
    • gain or attempt to gain unauthorized access to the website by any form.
  • Without limiting the above, you hereby promise that you will not use the website for any purpose or in any form that is forbidden or otherwise illegal by these Terms.
  • By publishing any material (including any text, photographs, graphics, video, or audio) on the website or any part of it, you hereby grant to us perpetual, transferable permission to use such material in any way (including the right to modify and adapt it) in and on any media worldwide, free of charge and on a non-exclusive basis. You shall retain copyright in your material for the avoidance of doubt.
  • You hereunder corroborate that any content posted or otherwise submitted by you (including photos of you for our community sites or otherwise) is your own original work or has been used with permission from the copyright owner, is not defamatory, and does not violate any copyright laws, and that you have the right to grant the Journal permission to use it for the purposes stated in the previous paragraph.
  • You accept and admit that you have chosen to submit or otherwise publish material at your own risk and that the Journal(s) has no control over the content, authenticity, or timeliness of such work. Any accusations or allegations made in any information posted or otherwise uploaded by you are exclusively your responsibility.
  • You agree not to submit or otherwise upload any material to the websites or any part of them that:
    • is perceived to have the potential to offend, agitate, criticize, or abuse individuals;
    • is indecent, xenophobic, sexist, homophobic, or otherwise prejudiced, sexually suggestive, hateful, and or inappropriate in any way;
    • contains foul language and perhaps another potentially derogatory language;
    • infringes on another person’s intellectual property rights, violates any applicable laws, or perpetrates or advocates unethical or violent behavior;
    • provides personal information about a person who has not given permission for it to be revealed;
    • includes defamatory or potentially defamatory content, as well as material that is otherwise deceptive;
    • is posted under the guise of somebody else;
    • includes any other person’s personal contact information, such as phone numbers, postal or email addresses, without that person’s prior authorization;
    • is written in anything other than English;
  • You certify that you will be liable to us for any loss or damage we suffer as a result of your breach of warranty for any material you submit on our websites.
  • We reserve the right to remove any content published or uploaded to the website for any rationale, including those mentioned above, even without offering an explanation. We reserve the right to restrict any individual who substantially and/or consistently violates these Terms on any part of our website. We have the right to reveal your name to any third party who claims that any content you submit or contribute to our websites infringes on their intellectual property rights, violates their right to privacy, or otherwise violates any relevant laws.
  • Anybody can connect to our home page, any specific pages of a journal article, or any other page of our website, as long as you do it fairly and do not harm or take advantage of our reputation. You may not create a link in such a way that implies any kind of affiliation, permission, or endorsement on our behalf where no such exists. We retain the right to revoke linking permission at any moment and without prior notification. You may link to our website using our logo on your own website or blog. Without our consent, you may not use our logo or any other website trademark for any other purpose.



3. Security

Any password or username you receive is strictly for personal access to appropriate portions of the website that require security access, as a single user, unless agreed to otherwise. The password and username must be treated with confidentiality and you must not disclose or divulge your username or password to or with any other person, or with other users in a network unless expressly agreed otherwise with us in writing. When accessing such portions of the website, you must always use this password and user name. You are responsible for keeping the password and account security and are solely liable for every activity which happens via your password or account. You undertake to (a) promptly tell us of any unauthorized use of your password or account, or any other security breach, (b) ensure that you exit from your account at the conclusion of each session, and (c) take all reasonable security precautions in respect to your use of such portions of the websites.

4. Liability

  • You acknowledge that you are using the websites entirely at your own risk. Except for death or personal injury caused by its negligence, or any other liability that cannot be lawfully restricted or excluded under applicable law, we shall not be liable for any damages whatsoever or however arising, including but not limited to damages for loss of use, data, or profits, arising out of the use or performance of the websites, the provision of or failure to provide any services.
  • We made every effort to guarantee that information about its products and services is current, correct, and clearly expressed when developing the websites. However, we cannot guarantee that the information will always be accurate, comprehensive, or up to date, and we bear no accountability for any reliance put on the content by anyone. Without limiting the foregoing, the Journals conduct peer review of all research articles written or contributed to by third parties in online journals; however, the Journals do not conduct peer review of advertorials paid for by the third party that posts the content, nor of posts made by third parties.
  • We make no claims or warranties regarding the appropriateness, reliability, timeliness, or accuracy of the information on the websites for any purpose. We fully disclaim any warranties and conditions relating to this material, including, without limitation, warranties of technological efficiency, adequate quality, availability, non-infringement, completeness, and fitness for a particular purpose. Without limiting the foregoing, we are under no responsibility to monitor or moderate any blog, forum, or another interactive element of the website, or any other third-party content contained on the website, unless we clearly declare otherwise. We expressly exclude our liability for any loss or damage arising from (a) all content written or contributed to by third parties appearing on the websites, including all articles written or contributed to by third parties in online journals, and (b) all content posted or uploaded by third parties on any blogs or other interactive parts of the websites (whether or not monitored or moderated) (c) all content in any correspondence between registered users or otherwise. The views of other users on our websites, including those of authors in online journals, advertising authors, and other posts on any part of the sites, and third parties posting content on our websites are not expressed in our own opinion or values. If you wish to lodge a complaint about any information or materials published by other users, please use the corresponding ‘Contact Us’ form on the relevant website page.
  • Advertisements may be featured on the website. We are not responsible for and do not endorse, the content of such advertisements or the products or services promoted in such advertisements, and we accept no responsibility for any errors or inaccuracies in such advertising material, or any violation of advertising regulations committed by the advertiser. We make no expressions or guarantees about the reliability or suitability of any of the information contained in those advertisements or on third-party websites linked to in the advertisements, and we disclaim any responsibility or liability for (i) the conduct or content of those advertisements and sites; (ii) the third-party offers of goods, services, or jobs made in the advertisements. We will not be held liable for any violations of law or regulation committed by third parties in connection with advertisements on its website. Any statements, beliefs, or advice provided in any advertisement on the websites is solely the responsibility of the advertiser and should not be attributed to us. We make no claims or guarantees about the accuracy, safety, or reliability of any attachments, files, photos, hyperlinks, or other content in any of its online advertisements, nor do we guarantee that such advertisements will be free of viruses, malware, or other computer contaminants. Please email us if you have a complaint about the content of any advertisements on any of our websites.
  • Live data feeds and/or links to third-party websites may be included on the website. We are not responsible for any data or other content seen, downloaded, or otherwise received by you via any such data feeds or on or through any such third-party websites, and we expressly disclaim all liability in this regard. We do not necessarily examine, monitor, or check such third-party websites for accuracy or completeness. The presence of a link on the website does not mean that we approve or endorse the connected website. You do so at your own risk when you visit these third-party websites.
  • If you are unsatisfied with any part of the website or with any of these Terms, your sole recourse is to stop using the website, unless these Terms expressly stipulate otherwise.
  • We retain the right to delete any information or material from the website without notice and without affecting any other rights we may have, and/or to make such information or material available where required by law or when requested by regulatory agencies or law enforcement organizations.
  • We retain the right, with or without notice, to alter or cease user access to or use of any of the websites and/or any secured part of any of the websites, temporarily or permanently.
  • While we have taken efforts to detect computer viruses and assure security, we cannot guarantee that the websites are virus-free or secure, or that they will be available at all times. We will not be liable for any loss or damage that arises as a result of any virus or breach of security, or any such non-availability, to the fullest extent permitted by law. We make no guarantees about the websites’ compatibility with your computer systems, software, or hardware. To use our website, you must configure your information technology, computer programs, and platform, as well as use your own virus prevention software.

5. Termination

We reserve the right to terminate, restrict, or suspend your access to any of the websites at any time:

  • when a legislative or statutory change restricts the capacity to offer access to the website;
  • if we are unable to provide access to the website due to an occurrence beyond our reasonable control (for example, and without limitation, technical difficulties, capacity problems and communications failures);
  • where it is reasonable to believe that you are abusing the website or otherwise behaving in violation of these Terms or the Privacy Policy; or
  • in accordance with our rights of termination contained in any license agreement.

6. General

  • Those who choose to access the website are responsible for adhering to their respective local laws, if and to the extent that local laws apply.
  • The Company’s inaction or delay in enforcing compliance with these Terms shall not be construed as a waiver of that or any other provision of these Terms. If any of these disclaimers and exclusions are found to be unlawful, void, or unenforceable for any reason, that provision shall be deemed severable and shall not impact the validity and enforceability of the other sections.
  • All warranties, conditions, terms, undertakings, and duties implied by legislation, common law, custom, trade usage, course of dealing, or otherwise are expressly excluded to the fullest extent permissible by law by these Terms.
  • If any term of these Terms is found to be invalid or unenforceable, in whole or in part, the legality and enforceability of the remaining parts of these Terms will not be compromised.

7. Trade Marks

All related logos and brand names used on the website are registered trademarks. You are not permitted to use them without our prior written approval except in the case set out above.