About Us

Our Mission

To motivate new research avenues by nurturing and supporting academics and practitioners across all academic disciplines with a zeal for what we do. We offer you an insightful, quick, and fair editorial experience and provide innovations that promote knowledge. Our staff work with authors actively to ensure that their paper is sturdy and impressive, and they achieve the best potential results. We are innovating to improve discoverability, contextualize research and make it more accessible. Global visibility ensures the reading, use, and discussion of key research.

Editorial excellence

Our scientific editors ensure the highest standards are met by the paper we publish. Peer review, which we feel is the greatest approach to appraise scientific research, is at the heart of this process.

We are active members of the research communities we serve, and we are aware of the difficulties and challenges that each scientific discipline faces. We work hard to ensure that our process is free of prejudice, that authors receive constructive, reasonable comments, and that the science we publish is valuable and engaging.

From pre-submission to publication and beyond, we are here to help authors every step of the way. We want to make the submission and review of a paper as simple, uncomplicated, and stress-free as possible.

Our editorial operations team acts as a bridge between authors and editors, serving as the first point of contact for our journals from the time a manuscript is submitted to the time it is accepted.

By working with authors on formatting, style, and language, as well as answering any queries along the process, our production team ensures that articles are clear and pleasant to read. We help to build and maintain a distinct look and feel for all we do with our sharp eye for branding and design.


The academia has changed and the interactions between researchers and information are also shifting. To keep up with scientific breakthroughs and to assist readers access and assimilate information, we continue to develop new policies, features, and technologies. For research integrity and reproducibility, we believe that discipline and clarity are essential.


Academia is essential for our world and for our future, thus we do our utmost to advocate for it. We want researchers and academics to be involved in dialogues that affect our world. The work of our authors stimulates new technology, provokes discussion and informs policy.

We listen to the academic community and use our collective voice to solve the difficulties that researchers face. Our dedication is a strategic necessity and a personal passion for every one of us, therefore we are not hesitant of tackling major issues such as conflicts of interest and women in STEM.