Copyright Statement

Alithia and Sophia is a publishing house that publishes both its own and third-party publications (referred to here as hosted journals). When we say journals, we’re referring to both Alithia and Sophia journals as well as hosted journals. In this Copyright Statement, the term Websites refers to all Alithia and Sophia websites, including hosted journals. Alithia and Sophia, as owners of all Alithia and Sophia Journals, or the respective owner of a hosted journal, are examples of owners.

Text, graphics, logos, icons, photographs, video/audio clips, downloads, data, and software on these websites are the property of the person or organization who owned it before it was submitted to Alithia and Sophia or a hosted journal. If it is not owned by Alithia and Sophia Publishing House or an owner of a hosted journal, it is licensed to Alithia and Sophia Publishing House, such owner, or its or their licensees and/or subcontractors.

Submission to or publication by Alithia and Sophia, whether for itself or for a hosted journal, has no effect on individual article copyright in the text. For any materials contributed, Alithia and Sophia have a general license. For every work submitted to their hosted journals, hosted journal owners have a broad license. Alithia and Sophia, the host journal proprietors, and all its users are granted the Creative Commons CC-BY license in all materials, as noted below.

Images and graphics that are not part of user-contributed materials are Alithia and Sophia’s property or are licensed to them, and they may not be downloaded or copied without Alithia and Sophia’s explicit and specific permission, or in accordance with any specific copyright notice attached to that material.

According to the Alithia and Sophia Terms and Conditions, as an author or contributor, you offer people rights to reprint your articles, including any visuals and third-party materials you provide. A Creative Commons Attribution (“CC BY”) license is granted to third parties’ overall contents of each article, including third-party elements. The current version is CC-BY, version 4.0 (, and the license will be automatically updated as the Creative Commons organization releases new versions.

You can specify that copyright notices must be reproduced, but you can’t limit the right to reprint the full piece, including third-party visuals. This means that you must obtain all necessary third-party consents and permissions before reproducing third-party materials in your Alithia and Sophia-accepted articles.

Metadata for articles are owned by Alithia and Sophia or the owner of the hosted journal and is released under the Creative Commons CC0 license.

Alithia and Sophia own or have a license to every software used on this site and the copyright in the code that makes up the software. National and international copyright laws protect all copyright and the rights that come with it.